Why Should You Publish Your Thesis/Dissertation as a Book?

A PhD Thesis or Dissertation is an assimilation of research ranging from 3 to 10 years. More so, with the increasing quality of research around the world, Universities have become particular of each and every research their candidates are undertaking. This has led to an overall improvement in the quality of theses being produced. If you also believe that your research has novelty and that the research findings will be useful for others to read and use in their research, it is time that you publish your thesis as a book. You can also enhance your income by publishing your thesis as a book as you will earn royalties on every copy being sold.

Is it Expensive? Does my book gets ISBN? How much time it takes?

UTP Press is a global player publishing thesis and dissertations as a books. There is no upfront cost and rest is adjusted through the sale proceeds. It usually takes under four weeks for the review before approval. Yes, your book will have an unique ISBN number as well.

Who will buy my book? How will you Distribute it?

If your research has novelty, your book will be in demand across the globe. Many Universities and higher education institutes ask for latest phd dissertation, thesis publications for their library use. Further, individual researchers interested in the similar area also purchase the relevant books.

Will my thesis change considerably after becoming book? Who will retain copyrights?

Our editors will review and edit your thesis or dissertation before formatting it to become suitable to be published as a book.