Rubbercrete Interlocking Bricks

by Bashar S. Mohammed, Mohd Shahir Liew, Nursyuhada Mahamood


Title: Rubbercrete Interlocking Bricks

ISBN978-967-2048-31-2   |   eISBN: 978-967-2048-32-9

Price: RM75.00 (printed) | RM55.00 (ebook)

Page: 117 pages

SynopsisScrap tires number is increasing dramatically yearly due to the significant increases in the automotive industry. To ease the negative impact of the accumulation of scrap tires on the environments, it is essential to recycling them in mass production, especially in the construction industry. In this book, the development of interlocking rubbercrete bricks has been introduced discussed in details, such as physical and chemical properties of the raw materials (cement, fly ash, sand and crumb rubber), trail dry mixes, development of dry mix design using the response surface methodology (RSM), and the process of producing the interlocking rubbercrete bricks. In addition, test procedures and results of the interlocking rubbercrete bricks have been presented in this book to the extent required for its uses in the construction industry.


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