Practices and Reforms in Education and Humanities for the 21st Century

by Ena Bhattacharyya, Abdul Mutalib Embong, Subarna Sivapalan, Kais Amir Kadhim, Raja Ahmad Iskandar Bin Raja Yaacob, Nur Arfah Abdul Sabian


Title: Practices and Reforms in Education and Humanities for 21st Century

ISBN978-967-2048-33-6 eISBN: 978-967-2048-34-3 

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Page: 191 pages

SynopsisPractices and reforms are required in today’s educational and humanities classroom to upkeep with the current pedagogical and ideological advancement of the said disciplines in this 21st century. Both practitioners and learners of the Institutions of Higher Learning rely on innovative practices and reforms in policy, curriculum and institutional changes to garner the interest of the stakeholders such as students, parents, academia, professional as well as NGO’s to shape sustainable trends, reforms and practices within or out of the classroom.

This book discusses pedagogical trends, teaching and learning practices, educational and ideological reforms that occur within the education realm of institutions of higher learning and its peripheral community. This book will uncover the various research and teaching learning practices in four broad areas namely Education, Teaching and Learning; Education Technology; Communication and lastly on Policy and Governance. The book will focus on current research practices and reforms conducted for effective teaching learning practices in the education and humanities, central to bridging the academia-workplace divide, economic disparity, or social strife within a community. The book provides an educational and humanistic kaleidoscope into society’s resilience, strife, and empowerment from the perspective of several social science researchers.

“Practices and Reforms in Education and Humanities for the 21st Century” is highly recommended and relevant for prospective researchers in Social Science research. It can be a catalyst for the empowerment of knowledge on ways and ideas for innovative practices and reforms for all. 


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