Plant Turnaround Maintenance – In Malaysian Organizational Context, Structure and Performance

by Zulkipli Ghazali, Muhammad Zahid


Title: Plant Turnaround Maintenance – In Malaysian Organizational Context, Structure and Performance

ISBN 978-967-2048-14-5     |    eISBN:978-967-2048-16-9

Pages: 171 pages

Synopsis: As business undertakings, concern for the performance of plant turnaround maintenance has been widespread among the professionals in the process-based industries. The highly competitive business environment has further raised the level of concern. This is due to the direct connection that can be drawn between profitability of the company and the successful implementation of plant turnaround maintenance.

Previous works have noted the effects of environmental conditions of organization upon the organizational characteristics and performance. Having said that, by and large, the studies were based on companies in the manufacturing and services sectors, hospitals, private institutions, public agencies, and non-profit organizations. The present work extends the body of knowledge to plant turnaround maintenance organization in the process-based industries that were scantly considered by earlier researchers.

Understanding the linkages of technology, size, organizational structure, structuring processes, and performance is useful for comprehending how and why organizational structure and structuring processes varies among companies. It is useful for predicting how organization may respond to the changing needs and situations in the future.

The present work promotes better understanding of the organization and management of plant turnaround maintenance of process-based industries which include petrochemical plants, oil and natural gas refineries, electric power generating plants, cement plants, basic chemical plants, and palm oil refineries. The acquired knowledge on the relationships of performance on plant technology, size, organizational structure, and structuring processes provides indispensable guide for academicians, researchers, managers and engineers alike in organizing and managing for successful plant turnaround maintenance, in particular large scale process-based industries in Malaysia.

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