Molten Salt: The Green Way to Clean Fuel

Mohd. Faridzuan Majid, Hayyiratul Fatimah Mohd Zaid


Title: Molten Salt: The Green Way to Clean Fuel

eISBN: 978-967-2880-XX-X

Page: 120 pages

Synopsis:We use fuel every day in our lives, from heating homes to starting a vehicle. The problem with fuel is it contains naturally occurring sulfurs which can cause harmful effects on the environment and could damage sustainability. Fuel cleaning is necessary to allow only a tiny amount of sulfur to be released when used. The conventional cleaning procedure, however, involves extreme operating conditions, is less economical, produces pollution, and is difficult to separate the ‘stubborn’ sulfurs. Extractive desulfurisation (EDS) is one of the eco-friendly processes that have been explored to remove sulfur. 

Many scientists used organic solvents and an ionic liquid as an extractant in EDS. However, it is unfeasible for industrial application due to the pricy solvent and high toxicity. Inspired by Andrew P. Abbot, a greener solvent, molten salt is introduced to clean fuel. Compared to other solvents, molten salt is easy to craft, widely available, biodegradable and could produce an ultra-high sulfur-free fuel. This book will help young researchers and field engineers understand molten salt’s benefits in fuel-cleaning technology and how this material can be realised and commercialised from the industrial perspective.



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