Ionic Liquids Synthesis

Cecilia Devi Wilfred, Zakaria Man, Mohd Azmi Bustam, Mohamed Ibrahim Abdul Mutalib, Chong Fai Kait


Title: Ionic Liquids Synthesis


Pages: 81 pages

SynopsisUniversiti Teknologi PETRONAS ionic liquids research history started in 2004 with interest in synthesizing ionic liquids for carbon dioxide capture. Since then there had been an incredible growth in producing ionic liquids for various applications. Our research centre was set up in the green product, processes and environment issues. The writing of the Ionic Liquids Synthesis book spurred from the idea that the ionic liquids research at the university has reached its maturity stage in its synthesis activities. There has been tremendous growth in the synthesis work at the laboratory, hence the need to file them properly. This is important for the centre as it will assist in sharing and highlighting the centres accomplishments. The book is also intended to give a fundamental understanding of the synthesis methodologies in ionic liquids synthesis for the readers, especially the beginners in ionic liquids research. 


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