International Journal of Biomass and Renewables

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This journal is an international journal publishing original research papers, short communications, review articles, case studies and technical data on biomass and renewables utilization for energy and material sources.

Key areas covered by this journal are:

Biomass and Renewables Resources

  • Biological residues including wood and agricultural residues, agricultural waste water, food scraps and municipal wastes.
  • Energy crops including wood, grass and microbes.
  • Solar, wind, seawater and geothermal energy resources.

Biomass and Renewables Conversion Processes

  • Biomass direct use processes including thermal and physical processing.
  • Biomass indirect use processes including saccharification and fermentations, thermochemical conversions to gases and liquids.
  • Conversion processes for solar, wind, seawater, geothermal energy resources.

Biomass and Renewables Utilization

  • Biomass direct combustion including internal combustion engine.
  • Biomass indirect use including gasification, electricity production, power production, chemical processes, and by-product-remediation.
  • Biomass material use such as bio refinery and oleo-chemistry.
  • Utilization processes for solar, wind, seawater, geothermal energy resources.

Logistic, Economic and Environmental Issues

  • Logistics, Carbon balance, LCA analysis, Bioenergy and renewable system, Environmental impact.

eISSN: 2289-1692

Pages: 34 pages 

Title:  International Journal of Biomass Renewables (IJBR)

Latest Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1, July 2018


  1. Influence of Volume Shrinkage and Water evaporation on heat Transfer and Chemical Reactions During the Pyrolysis of A Cellulose-Powder-Packed Bed (Ken-ichiro Tanoue, Yuuki Hamaoka, Tatsuo Nishimra, Miki Taniguchi, Ken-ichi Sasauchi).

  2. Adsorption Behavior of Aromatic Carboxylic Acids on A Cyclodextrin-Based Metal-Oragnic Framework (Anna Nagai, Wataru  Michida, Mina Sakuragi, Masashi Nishida, Guoqing Guan, Abuilti Abudula, Katsuki Kusakabe).

  3. Recent Development and Sustainability of Wind Power Sector in Pakistan (Hazrat Bilal, Chamchuri Bin Siwar, Mazlin bin Mokhtar, Shakeel Ahmad).


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