The Innovation Diffusion of Green Fertiliser Technology: Social-technical Perspective

Editors : Zainal Ariffin Ahmad, Shahrina Md Nordin


Title: The Innovation Diffusion of Green Fertiliser Technology: Social-technical Perspective

ISBN978-967-2048-23-7  ©2019    |    eISBN: 978-967-2048-22-0 ©2020

Book Overview: This book features the four studies conducted on the socio-technical aspects of the paddy industry as part of a project under a national research programme on the proposed new green fertiliser, Oneβaja. This is to provide insights into innovation diffusion of green fertiliser technology among farmers. Chapter 1 by Dr Ting Ding Hooi presents the results of document analysis of various policies and initiatives by the Malaysian government to develop the paddy and rice industry and improve the rice yield and Self Sufficiency Level (SSL). The Malaysian government has formulated numerous policies for the agricultural industry from pre-independence to post-independence and presently with food security objectives to boost the rice industry and to achieve the 100% SSL by 2020. These policies include the National Agricultural Policy (NAP) and National Agricultural and Food Policy (NAFP) programmes which were promulgated to help enhancing the food security and productivity. Other policies such as the MUDA irrigation scheme was formulated to improve the current irrigation system.
Furthermore, the National Green Technology Policy was formulated to address the increasing soil erosion and broad use of chemical fertiliser on paddy. The National Green Technology Policy was launched in 2009 is used to minimise the deficiency to the environment, zero and low greenhouse gas (GHG) emission, use and encourages a healthy and better environment for all forms of life. Thus, saving the usage of energy and natural resources and stimulating the use of renewable resources. In line with its prominent role, the Green Technology Roadmap in the Agriculture sector was established with the aim of forming a baseline reference specific to the agriculture sector.


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