Increasing Energy Demand and Pipeline Monitoring

Syed Muhammad Mujtaba, Tamiru Alemu Lemma


Title: Increasing Energy Demand and Pipeline Monitoring

eISBN: 978-967-2880-30-1

Page: 90 pages

SynopsisTransportation of fluids through pipelines is the most economical and fastest method to fulfil high energy demand. Unfortunately, pipelines are not immune from faults or malfunctions (leakage and blockage) that often lead to severe risks, including deaths, injuries, property damage, fuel wastage, and global warming. Several leak monitoring systems have been proposed, however, there is still a need to improvise in detecting small leakages in pipelines under dynamic conditions. 

This book will give ideas for improving leak detection systems for gas mixture pipelines under transient conditions which can be easily applied in the field. The developed system is cost-effective as compared to hardware-based techniques. Algorithms and codes used in the system are adaptive and can be trained for other systems. However, parameter tuning is required as every system has some uniqueness and was tested in an eighty-kilometre natural gas pipeline. Faults in the form of percentage leakage are generated at various pipeline locations and successfully detect leaks with high accuracy and zero false results.



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