Design of Reinforced Concrete Elements to Eurocode 2 (ISBN: 978-967-2048-08-4)

Design of Reinforced Concrete Elements to Eurocode 2

by Bashar S. Mohamed

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ISBN: 978-967-2048-08-4

eISSN: 2636-9877

Pages: 259 pages (Soft Cover)

Title:  Design of Reinforced Concrete Elements to Eurocode 2


This book is writter primarily for students in civil engineering degree courses and will also be helpful to structural designers and site engineers of reinforces concrete who neeed to prepare theior work in accordance  with EC2 requirements. All examples have ben prepared using SI units and for and effectiveness use, it is necessary to make cross-reference with EC2. This book contains eight chapters taht cover analysis and design of the main structura; concrete elements of beams, slabs, columns and foundations in accordance with the ultimate limit state and serviceability limit state requirements. The main features of this textbook are:

a. explainantion of the structural behavios and failure mode of concrete structura; elements with propose illustrations

b. derivation of deisgn equations based on Eurocode 2 (EC2) requirements from the first principles

c. more than sixty step-by-step solved examples and more than two hundredillustrations

d. tutorial problems at the end of each chapter and also seventy multiple choice questions covering EC2 requirments


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