Data Analytic and Its Applications

by Mohd Hilmi Hasan, Norshakirah Aziz, Emelia Akashah P Akhir, Izzatdin A. Aziz and Jafreezal Jaafar


Title: Data Analytic and Its Applications

ISBN978-967-2048-28-2   |   eISBN:978-967-2048-27-5

Price: RM65.00 (printed) | RM45.00 (ebook)

Page: 162 pages

SynopsisData analytics is a process to study data that involves acquiring, cleaning, analyzing and visualizing data to gain useful information. Data analytics carries out this duty using statistical and mathematical inferences or artificial intelligence algorithms. Nowadays, data analytics has been a critical application for most organizations due to its benefits, namely on cost reduction and faster yet better decision making, to name a few. data analytics also supports the exploration and innovation of new products and services through its ability to learn what customers want.

This book presents and discusses various data analytics problems and their solutions. The solutions include feature selection, semantic data mining, clustering analysis, fuzzy logic, deep learning, and exponential smoothing techniques. Moreover, this book also contains discussions on various types of applications cover areas such as educational data mining, financial forecasting, customer relationship management, prediction, healthcare, and the internet of things (IoT).

This book is the most relevant reading material for understanding data analytics and as a reference for prospective researchers in data analytics subject.


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