Advanced Research in Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Editors: Hamzah Sakidin, Anita Ramli, Muhammad Fadhlullah Abd Shukur.


Title: Advanced Research in Mathematical and Physical Sciences

ISBN978-967-2048-XX-X     |    eISBN:978-967-2048-XX-X

Synopsis: Nowadays, high competencies in Physics and Mathematics are required to meet the significant challenges of today and tomorrow. Sufficient numbers of people with insight in those fields are needed to understand the future challenges and to act in the right way. Many exciting opportunities exist and ready to be discovered by curious scientists.

Knowledge in Physics and Mathematics provides much of the basis for productive work and welfare in the current world. This expertise creates jobs and offers essential contributions to health and welfare. In the future, Physics and Mathematics will have a more significant impact. A growing world population leads to the development of new technologies such as biotechnology, ICT and nanotechnology. This global challenge requires cooperation across borders and companies.

Advanced research in the field of mathematical and physical sciences is gaining recognition as essential areas for the advancement and development of a nation’s economy. The demand for discoveries and innovation in the areas of materials, energy processes and applied mathematics require researchers to analyse and report their advancements and innovations actively.

This book is designed to give information in mathematical and physical sciences, especially for postgraduate students and scientists. This book begins with the introduction part, in which a clear and concise overview of the topics covered in this edited book and their significance to mathematics and physics disciplines.


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