A collection of unpublished academic article written by different authors on the same subject or theme. Or, a compilation of unpublished articles by a single author on the same subject or theme. 

  1. Each edited book establish one theme with a few subthemes.
  2. Every article is an independent article and arranged according to the subthemes.
  3. Introduction chapter should establish the main theme of the manuscript.
  4. The minimum number of article is twelve (12) articles.
  5. Each article is written in minimum 15 pages.
  6. Each article is written not more than three (3) writers.
  7. Not more than (3) editors are allowed in each compilation articles.
  8. Reference list at the the end of every article.
  9. Editor(s) is responsible for 5C, editing, compiling, formatting, ensuring completeness of manuscript and accordance to UTP Press Writing Guidelines before submission to UTP Press.
  1. This guideline has been developed that can be applied to writers in writing manuscript accordingly to the standard of an academic book.
  2. Scholar book is defined as a written manuscript based on research, experiment, scholar literature or standard practice which can be applied in its discipline.
  3. The book content must consist of,
    1. Prelims 
      i. Title 
      ii. Writer(s) name 
      iii. Table of Content 
      iv. Preface 
      v. Foreword 
    2. Text 
      i. Chapters 
    3. Backmatters
      i. References 
      ii. Index
  4. Scholarly book genres are;
    1. Authored book
    2. Chapter Book
    3. Edited Book 
    4. Module
    5. Textbook
  5. Writer is advisable to follow;
    1. Writing is in British English in MS Word format.
    2. Typing in 1.5 spacing with Times Roman typeface in 11 points size or Arial typeface in 10 points size. 
    3. File margin text are one (1) inch on top, bottom, right and left.
    4. Every chapter is written in the separate file. 
    5. Any illustration, graphic, figure or any kind of support material has to be in jpeg. or tiff.Format and numbered consistently at the bottom. The source file for jpeg or tiff, are advised to enclose instead of the embedded in MS document. 
    6. Table or chart must be in original software and numbered on top. 
    7. Equations and formula are written in math software should be attached. 
    8. Picture or illustration from the web does not encourage. 
    9. The minimum number of pages is 120 excluded appendixes and references.

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